The most stunning man... beautiful... passionate... perfect.   

Who is this beautiful man?

I am the world's foremost expert on DevOps. I am incredibly passionate about tech, web, data, and networking. I invented the concept of "Data Beans" which are the backbone of DevOps if you ask me.

But don't take my word for it. Take the word of hundreds of technology advocates who have all recognized my extraordinary thought leadership and classy look.

How on Earth does he do it?

I Use Computer

I actually own multiple computers so I can do more than one thing at a time. If you are starting DevOps I recommend having multiple computers.

"Data Beans"

All of technology is founded upon my concept of "Data Beans". Data Beans are neither bad nor good, it is what you do with them that gives them their power.

Data Kissing

In order to properly implement DevOps, I recommend a method of data methodology known as Data Kissing. I kiss my data all the time, and you should too.

  • Is it true?

    You can bet the farm. Jon is the real deal. So powerful. So passionate. What a beautiful human.

    There can only be one Jon, so the best you can hope for is trying to be like him and maybe you will absorb some of the best qualities of DevOps, too. It is the only way for a business to survive this economic climate.

    Jon is so fantastic at DevOps. There is truly no comparison.

  • Don't like Jon? Buzz off.

    DevOps is changing, and Jon is leading the way. Gone are the days of stuffy thought leadership. A bold new direction has emerged.

    The writing has been on the wall for a very long time. DevOps is no longer a mantlepiece of the tech elite. It is for everyone. Jon is bringing the information to regular people just like Prometheus gave humans fire, except it is DevOps instead of fire.

Such incredible power. Jon is the only DevOps Thought Lord.

  • Inspiration

    Some of my primary inspirations for becoming the world's greatest thought leader are hanging out with my friends, and a lust for tech.

    Computers Rock

    I usually charge a consulting fee for DevOps advice, but this one's on the house: If you want to do DevOps, you better get a computer.

    Passion for Success

    I am the real deal. I'm not like these other thought leaders who like to blog a big game and then go to the bathroom to look at pictures of their wife.

Here are some photos of me doing DevOps

  • Jon Looking Great

    Chilling Out

    Here I am just hanging out at home thinking about DevOps and how to bring it into the mainstream. I am really cool.


    Looking Cool

    Yeah, I hang out in the belly of the tech beast sometimes — that means San Francisco. Where tech is from and I am from.


    Hey Girl

    Tactical setup. For you-know-what. Going downtown. Oh yeah.

DevOps is the most important thing of all time.
And I am the most important DevOps human.
That makes me the most important person of all time.

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